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Hello Kitty Hysteria Strikes McDonald's in Singapore

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Cronut™ fever-quality lines formed at Singapore McDonald's locations this week as the fast food chain released the final themed Hello Kitty plush in its "Hello Kitty Fairy Tales" Happy Meal series. Reuters reports that "hundreds lined up" for the June 27 midnight launch of the "Singing Bone" (inspired by the similarly-named Grimm brothers' story) incarnation of the cutesy cartoon cat. Also, it has a McDonald's logo for a heart? Here's a close-up:

McDonald's "Singing Bone" Hello Kitty. [Photo: bungydeals / eBay]

Things got so insane that police were even called to "control shouting and queue-jumping." At least Cronut™ line people can be appeased with money. Despite using the last crazy Hello Kitty promotion and a guide and making "40% more Kitties," stocks of the skeleton plush appeared to have run out by 10:11 a.m. Those who are intrigued and have a pile of money to burn, the going rate on eBay is as much as $500, plus shipping. This probably isn't too surprising given that the cartoon cat has previously inspired its (her?) own line of wine, crystal-encrusted luxury water, themed restaurant, and even a Hooters collaboration.

The six plush Hello Kitty dolls released were all inspired by different international fairy tales. In the image below, clockwise from top: The Singing Bone; The Frog Prince; Little Red Riding Hood; the unnamed, "McDelivery-only" witch Hello Kitty; The Ugly Ducking; and The Wizard of Oz. The promotion started at the end of May.

[Photo: McDonald's Singapore / Facebook]

Oh, and check out this video of the very long line:

Video: Hello Kitty fever strikes Singapore!

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