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First Look: Hot Doug's: The Book by Doug Sohn

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Hot Doug's: The Book, by Chicago sausageman Doug Sohn and co-author Kate DeVivo, is not a cookbook. There is one recipe (called "For Those of You Who Thought This Was Going to Be a Cookbook," see below), but the book is perhaps better categorized as a scrapbook. Or, as Sohn refers to it on the Hot Doug's website, "the Critique of Pure Reason of books about hot dog stands in Avondale." Here you'll find the evolution of the restaurant's menu, photos of assorted sausage paraphernalia, documentation of the restaurant's 2006 legal headbutting against Chicago's then-ban on foie gras, Hot Doug's tattoos (some, erm, NSFW), and much, much more. For connoisseurs of encased meats, the Kant comparison is perhaps not that for off? Below, a peek inside.

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