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Watch Late Night Hosts Tear Into Paula Deen

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The Paula Deen scandal continues, and late night hosts had an absolute field day Monday night. (Jimmy Fallon, who made fun of Deen last Friday, is off this week.) All the video is below, but here's a quick recap of the best jokes:

Jimmy Kimmel: "Just FYI, if a lawyer ever asks you if you've ever used the n-word, the only thing worse than saying. 'Yes' is 'Yes, of course.'" On Smithfield dropping her: "Pork severing ties with Paula Deen is like spinach cutting ties with Popeye."

Jay Leno: "She's gonna appear on the Today show this Wednesday to discuss this scandal, as well as the benefits of covering your foot with butter putting it in your mouth." On her next move: "Today she got some good news: she got a new job. She's gonna be cast as the plantation owner's wife in Django Unchained 2."

Conan O'Brien: "Deen says she chose the Today show because they mostly keep that Roker guy outside." Also: "... Fans staged a protest against her firing, Deen's fans were so upset they staged a hunger strike for eight seconds. And they took out their emergency butter."

On Conan's celebrity survey: Paula Deen is fake-quoted to have said, "When I watched Paula Deen's latest apology, I thought... Crap I forgot to thank my Jew lawyers." Paula Deen is also fake-quoted as saying: "Before I serve pancakes I like to... whip the butter until it doesn't have any fancy ideas about escaping."

Here's video:

Jimmy Kimmel on Paula Deen 06/24

Jay Leno on Paula Deen 06/24

Conan O'Brien Monologue on Paula Deen 06/24

Conan O'Brien's Celebrity Survey on Paula Deen 06/24

From Conan O'Brien's Celebrity Survey



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