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Watch Paula Deen's Sons Defend Her on CNN's New Day

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Paula Deen's sons, Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen, went on CNN's New Day this morning to discuss the fallout surrounding a leaked transcript in which Deen admits to using racial slurs. (Side note: New Day seems a bit of an odd choice for the Deens to break their silence, given that the show debuted approximately one week ago?)

Anyway, the Deen boys went to their mom's defense. According to Bobby, the whole thing "began as extortion, and has become character assassination." Jamie called it "ridiculous, completely absurd to think that there is an environment of racism in our business." As to whether there was racism in their home when they were growing up, Bobby said, "We were raised in a family with love, and of faith, and a house where God lived, and neither one of our parents ever taught us to be bigoted against any other person for any reason." It should be noted that the Deens' careers hinge on that of their mother; they are currently marketing themselves as the creators of healthy versions of Deen's infamously fattening foods on shows like Bobby's Not My Mama's Meals. Below, the video.

Video: Paula Deen's Sons Defend Her

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