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Padma: Name Dropping Products on Top Chef Is 'Crappy'

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Here's a video of Top Chef host/harbinger of doom Padma Lakshmi talking about the difficulties of creatively integrating product placements on reality TV. Apparently it's not a cake walk. Says Padma: "With advertising for us, ... It's pretty straightforward. I'm the one on air who gets kind of most, I don't want to say saddled or slammed with the crappy part of it, but I feel like I do because ... I wind up saying the brand name in my intro to the challenge to these chefs." So the next time you're watching those cheftestapants use Reynolds wrap to cook food with Bombay Sapphire gin in Calphalon pans before storing it in sealed Glad containers all in the name of winning a brand new Toyota Prius, you'll know it was hard to "make that shit sound natural."

Fellow hosts Heidi Klum (Project Runway), shouty chef Gordon Ramsay (Fox Network everything), Randy Jackson (American Idol) and Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars) are in on the discussion as well, take a look:

Video: Reality Roundtable: Advertising with Product Placement

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