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Watch a Preview of Titans at the Table With Batali, Colicchio, Flay, and Rachael Ray

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In a new episode of the recurring primetime special Titans at the Table, Bloomberg TV invites four big-name celebrity chefs/restaurateurs — Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio, Bobby Flay, and Rachael Ray — to PJ Clarke's to talk shop, then films the conversation that occurs over fish and chips and glasses of wine. The chat touches on everything from TV stardom to NJ Governor Chris Christie's weight to the humble beginnings of the chef profession (says Batali: "Getting a cooking job was the last thing you did after you got out of the military, before you went to jail").

And Bloomberg host Betty Liu brings up possibly contentious dinner-table topics: She asks Colicchio about his choice to endorse Diet Coke ("I slept at night") and Batali about his infamous "Hitler banker" comment. (Says Batali of the latter while Ray picks at her salad: "the shitstorm of press that happened after it, was imminently regrettable.") The all-chef edition of Titans at the Table airs tonight at 9 PM. Below, some previews:

Video: Becoming a Celebrity Chef: Origin Stories

Video: Mario Batali: Nazi Comment Not Intended

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