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Watch Stephen Colbert Tackle the Cap'n Crunch Scandal

Last night on The Colbert Report, funnyman Stephen Colbert zeroed in on the devastating military scandal rocking our nation's cereal. Apparently the folk over at Reddit noticed that Cap'n Crunch is most certainly not a captain; he actually has three stripes on his uniform instead of the requisite four. Colbert's disappointment is palpable. He says, "This cap'n was actually a command'r. ... This whole time you've been part of a balanced betrayal. He then speculates on what else the Cap'n might be lying about ("are Crunch Berries not actual fruit?"), and calls for a congressional investigation to weed out other potential cereal scandals: "Is General Mills just a colonel? Is Count Chocula just Mr. Chocula?" Watch:

Video: Cap'n Crunch Scandal

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