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Watch Real Chefs Read Their Restaurants' Yelp Reviews

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Inspired by Real Actors Read Yelp, here's a video from Eater Moving Pictures of chefs at last week's Aspen Food & Wine Classic reading real (bad) Yelp reviews of their restaurants. Andrew Zimmern (AZ Canteen, Minneapolis, MN) reads a review that says the cooks at his food truck are "encouraged to shave their balls on the prep counter." Jamie Malone (Sea Change, Minneapolis, MN) reads a review in which the Yelper "wish[es] we had gone to eat at the bowling alley instead."

Other chefs in the video include: John Besh (Restaurant August, New Orleans, LA), John Tesar (Spoon Bar & Kitchen, Dallas, TX), Jason Vincent (Nightwood, Chicago, IL), Erik Anderson (Catbird Seat, Nashville, TN), and Jonathon Sawyer (Noodlecat, Cleveland, OH). Go, watch.

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