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Eight More Cronut Copycats from Around the World

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It's been another busy week of Cronut Mania: SoHo bakery owner and Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel has changed up the rules at his shop: the epic line will now wrap around a different corner and camera crews are not allowed to show up unannounced. Internet company Digg is (probably kidding about) working on inventing a service that allows users to push a button to have a Cronut delivered to their desk. Premium Cronut Delivery makes buying Cronuts from scalpers somewhat less sketchy than it's been so far (but at $100/cronut). A "Deez Cronuts" Tumblr happened.

In a new section of the Dominique Ansel Bakery website called "Cronut 101," Ansel reveals that the he is actually working on scaling up his Cronut production: "We are working on a way to hopefully bring them nation wide soon!" They better get on that. This week's batch of Cronut copycats brings the Zonut (Sydney, Australia), Frissant (Vancouver, BC), Cro-Nots (Boston, MA), and there will soon be a knockoff fittingly named the Cronie (Durham, NC). Below, eight more impostors joining the ranks of the many, many bakers shamelessly copying Ansel's frenzy-inducing Cronut. Names people are using are Zonuts, Frissants, Dossants, Cro-Nots, Dough'Ssants, and, no joke: One of Those.

[Photo: Swiss Bakery / Facebook]

Swiss Bakery, Vancouver, Canada

The Swiss Bakery in Vancouver, BC has been serving Frissants to customers since May 29th. Their first flavor was Vanilla Bean, and apparently there are also versions with chocolate custard cream.

[Photo: Chicago Pastry / Facebook]

Chicago Pastry, Bloomingdale, IL

Bloomingdale, IL bakery Chicago Pastry has started selling Dossants. They claim to be the "the first bakery in Chicago" to serve Cronuts, having been serving since June 3.

[Photo: Adriano Zumbo Patissier / Facebook]

Adriano Zumbo Patissier, Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia's Adriano Zumbo Patissier are serving two versions of their Zonuts: salted caramel and apple streudel. Regarding ripping off Ansel, baker Adriano Zumbo told the Sydney Morning Herald: "I'm kinda happy in a way that I haven't chased the cronut. It makes what I've done mine and gives us a bit of difference ... Who created the macaron? Who created apple pie? Everything starts somewhere." Cool.

[Photo: @PenaDonutHeaven]

Pena's Donut Heaven & Grill, Pearland, TX

At Pena's Donut Heaven & Grill in Pearland, TX, Cronuts knockoffs called Dossants are now being served with a strawberry cream cheese filling. Owner Raymond Pena tells Eater Houston, "Pena's is always trying to do new stuff. I heard about the cronut. I heard about the craze." Like Ansel, Pena is "starting off real slow."

[Photo: Craigslist]

Random Craigslister, Miami-Dade County, FL

An enterprising pastry chef in the Miami-Dade area has offered his Cronut-making skills to anyone willing to pay for the kind of sad looking knockoffs. The anonymous Craiglist chef is offering four for $16, as well as delivery. Unlike some other copycats, this Craigslister credits Ansel directly: "From the popular trending 'Cronut' first introduced in Soho, New York by Dominque Ansel. Comes my take on the half donut half croissant."

[Photo: The Gallows / Facebook]

The Gallows, Boston, MA

In Boston, The Gallows have jumped on the doughnut-croissant train with Cro-Nots. The Gallows posted a picture of the pastry on Sunday, and Eater Boston reports there's "a limited supply."

[Photo: Dessert Club, ChikaLicious / Facebook]

Dessert Club, ChikaLicious, New York, NY

Not far from the watchful eye of Dominique Ansel, the chefs at Dessert Club, ChikaLicious in New York City's East Village are now making Dough'Ssants. This isn't their first excursion into the world of pastry mixing; they also created a Yum Bun last month, which is was a croissant cinnamon roll hybrid.

[Photo: Eater Vegas / Facebook]

Lulu's Bread & Breakfast, Las Vegas, NV

In Las Vegas, Lulu's Bread & Breakfast is serving a fried croissant it's calling a One of Those. There knockoff looks to be one of the few that doesn't have a whole in the center like Ansel's Cronuts do. Eater Vegas reports that Lulu's is only making "One of Thoses" on the weekend "because they are so labor intensive."

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