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Fat Cow Employees File Lawsuit Against Gordon Ramsay

The Fat Cow, Los Angeles.
The Fat Cow, Los Angeles.
Photo: Elizabeth Daniels/Eater LA

Here's another Gordon Ramsay lawsuit to add to the pile: Radar Online reports that employees of his Los Angeles restaurant The Fat Cow have filed a class action lawsuit against the shouty chef "on behalf of themselves and all hourly, non-exempt current and former employees." The lawsuit — filed by four women who were servers or baristas sometime before March 2013 — claims that the restaurant failed to pay them minimum wage, made them skip meals and breaks without compensation, did not pay them overtime wages, and more. They're seeking a jury trial and unspecified "economic damages."

All this comes just a couple months after a contractor sued the restaurant for $45,000. In response to the latest lawsuit, Ramsay's spokesperson says, "We are aware there was a problem with previous management which has since been changed, but this is totally unacceptable if any truth to it."

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The Fat Cow

189 The Grove Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90036