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Found at Aspen Food & Wine: 'The +1 Club Handbook'

As mentioned previously, Eater acquired a tri-fold brochure at the year's Food & Wine Classic in Aspen entitled The +1 Club Handbook: A Completely Unofficial Guide to Fulfilling Your Responsibilities as a Guest of Food & Wine. And now, here it is in all its glory (it's also available online).

The pamphlet contains such tips as which seminars to go to (because there's a "strong possibility you can score an Egg McMuffin"), a quiz on what to do in a variety of scenarios, and more. It contains a credo of sorts ("We get after it. Yet we can hold our liquor. We are always available."). It also has a full on disclaimer that it's not in any way actually affiliated with the festival or the magazine. Below, the full +1 Club Handbook. (Don't bother checking that hashtag, by the way, there's nothing there.)



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