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Here's 00:58xy, a Sexy New Book Featuring Eric Ripert

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ripert-book.jpgChef Eric Ripert of NYC's Le Bernardin is selling 200 limited edition copies of a super sexy limited edition book called 00:58xy which features Ripert and 16 other chefs. For $500, you can get a signed copy of the book along with custom, hand-written message from the chef. Proceeds from the sale will benefit City Harvest.

According to Women's Wear Daily, author Mary Laetitia Gerval asked the chefs to "help underwrite" the book. Ripert told WWD, "One day, out of the blue, a French lady came here, and she showed me a pamphlet and the idea of this book ... It felt very different, very arty, and I wanted to be involved."

The book is about love. Following that theme, 00:50xy features "romantic" dishes from each of the 17 chefs, as well as portraits of the chefs and poems. Ripert's assigned theme was compassion and he tells Eater: "I chose the goddess of compassion Tara because I'm Buddhist ... The photos are stunning. Its very very creative and its unbelievable. The visuals are very beautiful. Erotic at times, but it's fine, nothing wrong with that right?" For his portrait, Ripert wore a bit of green paint on his fingers and seemingly nothing else (it's shot from the shoulders up). WWD has a slideshow more pictures from the book, do have a look.

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