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11 More Shameless Cronut Knockoffs Around the World

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Another week, another crop of people ripping off Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel's wildly successful Cronut. Because the word "cronut" is trademarked by Ansel, this group of impostors took their cue from previous fakers (like these and these) with names like: Kronuts, Doughsánts, Croughnuts, Doissants, and the perfectly simple Croissant Doughnut.

Last week, the NYC pastry chef called out imitators and would-be copy cats saying: "Hey there copycats, if we're ever in a room together, I will be able to look you in the eye. Will you be able to do the same?" Below, 11 more bakers who are willing to take that gamble:

[Photo: Pastisseria Lleonart / Facebook]

Pastisseria Lleonart, Sant Celoni, Spain

Bravely calling their knockoffs Cronuts despite Dominique Ansel's trademark, Spain's Pastisseria Lleonart is now offering Cronuts too. Judging by the looks of photos on Facebook, pastry chef Guillem Lleonart is offering different variations, some finished with powdered sugar and others finished with a chocolate drizzle. As imitations go, these looks pretty accurate. Do check out this video footage of the pastries from AraTV, even if you don't speak Catalan.

[Photo: The Cheese Emporium / Facebook]

The Cheese Emporium & Cafe by Bruce & Son, Greenport, NY

Behold the appealingly named Scronut. Chef Scott Bollman of Greenport, NY's Cheese Emporium & Cafe by Bruce & Son unleashed this scone-croissant hybrid on Monday, putting Long Island on the imposter map. Currently on offer is a Raisin Sconut with Vanilla Glaze. Forget about crazy lines here. The Cheese Emporium is delivering Scronuts to all NYC's five boroughs and all of Long Island.

[Photo: chefhp/ Eater Dallas]

The Swiss Pastry Shop, Fort Worth, TX

Chef Hans Peter Müller of The Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth, TX entered the fray with his Nutella-stuffed doissant yesterday. As hybrids go, this one definitely looks more doughnut than croissant. Not overly concerned with precedent, the bakery explains over Facebook that: "As we are a bakery, not a friery it is baked and not deep fried in transfat." Are those fighting words? The busy bakers at the "secret Alpine lab" have already unveiled a version 2.0, which is "flakier, glazed, roasted almond sprinkles & still stuffed with Nutella."

[Photo: Azúcar / Facebook]

Azúcar, San Diego, CA

Here's a Cuban-inspired Cronut imposter called a Cray-nut, available on Mondays only at San Diego's Azúcar bakery. The pastries are filled with "a Malibu coconut rum custard" and frosted in the bakery's "signature color." The nerdlings at Serious Eats explain that the Cray-nut is made using the bakery's "standard butter croissant dough," which is cut into doughnut shape and then deep fried. According to Azúcar's Facebook page, the Cray-nuts were originally going to be a one time only promotion.

[Photo: lainedoss / Instagram]

Red the Steakhouse, Boca Raton and Miami Beach, FL

Floridians needing a croissant-doughnut fix can now stay in their homestate thanks to Peter Vauthy, executive chef of Red the Steakhouse. Miami New Times' Short Order reports that the Kronut Krullers will be available to customers at the Boca Raton and Miami Beach locations of Red the Steakhouse tonight in three variants: "the classic, a powdered-sugar hole, and a dark-rum creme-filled with a brown-butter maple glaze." Apparently the Kronuts take three days to make and Eater Miami notes that the cost is $10.

[Photo: @MichaelSmyth]

Jenny's Bakery, Adelaide, Australia

Here's a Cronut all the way from Australia: Jenny's Bakery in Adelaide began selling Cronuts that were "filled with vanilla bean custard and topped with rose icing," in a pretty literal interpretation of Ansel's original Cronut. The bakery sold out quickly, just like Ansel did.

[Photo: @cakeshopbakery]

The Cake Shop, Woodbridge, England

Here's a look at the Cronuts now available at The Cake Shop in Woodbridge, England. The company tweeted the picture this morning.

[Photo: Oakmont Bakery / Facebook]

Oakmont Bakery, Oakmont, PA

The Pittsburgh area has Cronuts too and they're called Doughsánts. According to the Tribune-Review, the Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, PA version of the doughnut-croissant hybrid features honey glaze and rolled fondant.

[Photo: Eater Atlanta / Sweet Peach]

Eater Atlanta reports that Cronuts have arrived to ATL, courtesy of Maggie Sweeney of The Cake Hag. No line waiting will be necessary for the brandied peach doughssant, instead orders are taken over email.

[Photo: gursweets / Instagram]

Gür Sweets Bakery, Elmhurst, IL

The Chicago area will be able to get Cronuts this Saturday, June 15th from Gür Sweets Bakery in Elmhurst, IL. Eater Chicago reports these croughnuts will sell for $5 each.

[Photo: Midtown Lunch]

Gregory's Coffee, New York, NY

Midtown Lunch has spotted Cronut knockoffs at New York City coffee chain Gregory's Coffee. Gregory's is skipping portmanteau, instead they are calling their knockoffs Croissant Doughnuts.

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