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Watch a Woman Throw a Fit for Free Dunkin' Donuts

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Yesterday the Internet exploded after watching this woman's eight-minute long rant/obnoxious endeavor to get free food from a Dunkin' Donuts. The chain has a policy promising customers a free order if they're not given a receipt, and evidently she did not get hers. The video starts with her pointing her phone camera at the employee on shift and warning him that their conversation would be "under video surveillance" and "would be posted on Facebook." Solid start.

Apparently the employee who helped this woman the first time around was "so fucking rude" that she was compelled to demand the whole menu's worth of food (twice) and threaten legal action: "I told her, ... 'I want the whole fucking menu, bitch, twice ... A guarantee is a guarantee and I've already called my lawyer and he is already on it." So what does she decide on for her free Dunkin' order? Nope, not the newly released bacon doughnut breakfast sandwich. Not even a plain doughnut. This woman wants a small Strawberry Coolatta.

But the highly patient guy on duty tells her that she can get her last order again for free. Since she was in a car full of other people, she ends up getting "a shit-ton more" food on top of that Coolatta. Here's what she ends up taking home:

Video: Lady at Dunkin Donuts Goes Crazy Over Receipt

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