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Yo! Sushi Unleashes Food Delivery Helicopter in London

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UK-based chain Yo! Sushi is testing an airborne "flying waiter" that could soon be used to deliver orders to customers. To celebrate the release of its Yo! Burger, the company has created the iTray, an iPad-controlled food delivery drone that is flown in the direction of a party's table after being loaded with food. According to the Daily Mail, the iTray is equipped with four rotors and can travel at up to 25 miles an hour, more than six times a waiter's usual walking speed.

Despite the fact that a remote-controlled flying drone carrying uncovered plates of food through a busy restaurant might not be the most spill-free way to deliver things to people, early customers/test subjects seem to be intrigued. Says diner Mark Rose, "It was delivered as if by magic, like an alien flying saucer bringing food directly onto my table." Watch the iTray in all its aerial glory:

Video: YO! Sushi: The world's first flying waiter

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