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Montreal Restaurant Firebombed Twice in Three Days

Chops Resto Bar.
Chops Resto Bar.
Photo: Chops Resto Bar

Kosher Montreal Asian-fusion restaurant Chops Resto Bar has been the target of two firebombings in the past three days. According to the National Post, the most recent attack occurred Sunday, when a molotov cocktail was thrown through the restaurant's window shortly after midnight. None of the 30 diners inside the restaurant at the were injured, as the makeshift weapon failed to ignite. However owner Ouri Ohayon is understandably not happy and "serious about finding these people once and for all." In fact, the restaurant is offering "up to a $20,000 reward" for "the right information to get to these people, to have them arrested."

But Chops wasn't the only target. According to the National Post, a nearby residence in a prominently Jewish neighborhood was hit a night earlier and a kosher café, Café Shalom, was firebombed the night before that. Despite the potential connection, Montreal spokesman for The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs says that law enforcement "has ... assured that the strikes are "definitely not hate crimes or anti-Semitic related."

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Chops Resto Bar

5322 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, QC H3X 1T7, Canada

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