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Watch the Mugaritz Team Forage in Costume, Get Busted

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Here's another nifty video from the Mugaritz team. This video was initially screened at the San Sebastian Gastronomika 2010 conference, and seems to be the inspiration for Next's new video promoting their vegan menu. The Mugartiz video imagines a world in which it is illegal to use flowers and herbs in cooking. Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz gets busted for leading his crew on one last foraging mission, outfitted in sort of creepy animal costumes. It all ends with a series of beautifully finished dishes.

Update: Next/Alinea honcho Nick Kokonas tweets that the Mugaritz video was not an inspiration for the one from Next: "Weird! I never saw that. The inspiration for ours was 70's TV / a desire to include other chefs / 'militant vegan' irony."

Here's the Mugaritz video:

Video: La prohibición de las flores.

· La prohibición de las flores. [Vimeo via @Fool_Magazine]
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