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Alton Brown Is Going on Tour and There Will Be Ponchos

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Television personality Alton Brown is going on tour, and he's bringing ponchos. In the promotional video he created, he says the live show will feature cooking, live music and "bizarre and potentially messy experiments." Maybe that's why the ponchos are needed? Brown has not yet announced the name for the tour; he is deciding between "The Inevitable Edible Tour" or "The Edible Inevitable Tour".

According the official website, Brown will be heading to cities across the United States, including San Diego, CA, Mesa, AZ, Detroit, MI, and Tampa, FL. He'll also be heading to New England in the second leg of the tour. Since Brown tweeted a link to the site at 10:54 am EST today, the site has been crashing due to the number of visitors. "We're gonna need a bigger server" he tweets. Indeed. Check out the schedule and the teaser below:


10/18 Palm Desert, CA
10/20 Mesa, AZ
10/22 San Diego, CA
10/26 San Luis Obispo, CA
11/2 Detroit, MI
11/3 East Lansing, MI
11/3 Midland, MI
11/7 Nashville, TN
11/9 Roanoke, VA
2/19 York, PA
2/22 Baltimore, MD
2/23 Pittsburgh, PA
2/28 Atlanta, GA
3/1 Tampa, FL
3/2 Sarasota, FL

Video: Tour Promo Ponchos

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