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Watch the Criminally Rad Trailer for Next's Vegan Menu

Here's the trailer for the upcoming vegan menu at Grant Achatz's Chicago restaurant Next and it's a lot more fun than some of the very serious trailers the restaurant has done in the past (see: Next vs elBulli, the Hunt). What happens in the trailer — and how it relates to the Vegan menu — isn't entirely clear. There are people in fruit and vegetable costumes beating a guy in a bunny costume with bats. Grant Achatz and company raid other Chicago restaurants (MK, GT Fish and Oyster, Naha, Tavernita, and Yusho) for vegetables. Everyone gets arrested. Achatz's famously fixed up GTO comes out to play and goes through the McDonald's drive thru. The trailer calls it a "revolution in the meat-packing district" and your guess is as good as anyone's. Go, watch:

Video: Next: Vegan

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953 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607