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Watch EMP's Humm & Guidara Discuss New York Cuisine

Eleven Madison Park owners Daniel Humm and Will Guidara hit the Google Talks circuit this month to talk about their new cookbook, I Love New York. The duo talk about all the research that went into the book — including visits to about 55 New York farms — and Guidara explains why they went about writing it. He says, "New York is the greatest dining city in the world and it's about time we find what does New York cuisine mean? What does dining in New York actually consist of?" For the answer, he jokes, you have to buy the book. And even though that book has already been released, Humm says "We're just onto something. We're just at the beginning of something." So maybe expect more books?

Anyway, beyond that, Guidara and Humm answered questions left for them by their old boss Danny Meyer, talked about their switcheroo with Chicago's Alinea, and reminisced about that time their James Beard after-party got busted by the police. Definitely do watch:

Video: Daniel Humm & William Guidara, "I Love New York" | Talks At Google

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