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Esquire Network Has a New Launch Date, Beer Show

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After earlier announcements delaying the launch of its new TV network "into the summer," Esquire released a statement yesterday revealing that the Esquire Network will now officially debut September 23. Also, there will now be two new shows, Brew Dogs and Horse Players, joining the roster of other man-friendly food shows (former cheftestapant/Top Chef season 2 winner Ilan Hall's Knife Fight, Anthony Bourdain's The Getaway) previously scheduled for the network's original April 23 launch date.

Brew Dogs will follow "beer evangelists" and Scottish stunt brewers James Watt and Martin Dickie as they travel across America "to prove that the drink of the masses doesn't need to taste mass-produced." Apparently news of the craft beer movement in the States took a while to reach the UK? The two BrewDog brewerymen will visit a different "American beer town" in each episode of the hour-long series to "celebrate distinctive craft beers" and create a "locally-inspired draft."

Back in 2010, the BrewDog guys gave the world a 55% ABV beer and then decided to sell it wrapped in a squirrel as "a perfect conceptual marriage between art, taxidermy and craft brewing." So yes, those guys will be on TV now. Anyway, here's the show's original demo reel from 2012, which shows the guys fermenting beer underwater and feeding beer to a lamb:

Video: Brew Dogs Pilot Demo Reel

Update 05/30: The post has been updated to reflect that the video is an early demo reel of the show and not the official Esquire Network series trailer.

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