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Here's a Hands-Free Whopper Holder from Burger King

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Holding burgers is just really hard sometimes, so the good folks at Burger King have created the perfect solution: The Hands Free Whopper Holder. Yes. The plastic device works kind of like a harmonica holder, except that instead of holding a musical instrument it holds a burger near your mouth. Though not as elegant, this innovation probably one-ups McDonald's hands-free, clip-on french fry holder because BK has solved the problem of how to eat a burger without moving anything but your face.

According to Creativity Online, the holders were sent out to 50 loyalty program members in Puerto Rico as a celebration of the fast food company's 50th anniversary there. Below is the video Burger King first released explaining the product, along with an English translation version from Creativity-Online. Go, watch:

Video: Hands Free Whopper® (Spanish)

Video: Hands Free Whopper® (English)

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