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Albert and Ferran Adrià Launch New Line of Molecular Gastronomy Kits

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[Photos: Guzmán Gastronomía]

Behold the Easy Kit, Albert and Ferran Adrià's new line of textures that are designed to take home cooking to a much more spherified, jellied and foamy place. The brothers teamed up with Guzmán Gastronomía and Solegraells on these four kits, which contain textures for Cuisine, Patisserie, Cocktail, and Spherification. "The avant-garde chefs must bring our solutions to the domestic sphere," says Albert Adrià in a press release. "Spherification is a fun technique that causes a great effect, an incredible resource for your special dishes."

The four kits include textures such as Gelly, Algin, Gluco, Xanthan Gum, Agar and more to achieve all kinds of progressive techniques. Also included in the kits are recipes for things like campari air, spherified vinegar and more, plus necessary utensils such as syringes, tweezers and spatulas. The kits, which just rolled out this month, are sold online for 70.15 euros ($92). And, yes, they will ship worldwide. Here's the release:

Albert and Ferran Adrià launch new texture with Guzmán Gastronomía and Solegraells The texture, called Gelly, helps achieving spherifications with original forms and comes within a new concept of Easy Kits for the most innovative chefs

The distribution company Guzmán Gastronomía - Solegraells is launcing in May the new Easy Kit gama, four new texture packs for chefs, bartenders and pastry chefs that allow toa ll professionals to enjoy techniques from the most haute cuisine.

The four kits, called "Cuisine", "Patisserie", "Cocktail" and "Spherification" consist of four cans of 200 g of textures each, measuring spoons for the additives, a complete recipe book with step by step images of the Adrià's techniques, ideas and advice to develop the recipes and three tools to be able to work with the textures.

"The avant-garde chefs must bring our solutions to the domestic sphere. Spherification is a fun technique that causes a great effect, an incredible resource for your special dishes, "says Albert Adrià, creator with his brother Ferran of these new products.

The kit "Spherification" includes a new texture, Gelly, a 200 Bloom gelatine (average power for gelification) that is ideal for moldable spherifications, mousses, aspics and countless recipes.

This kit also comprises Algin, to form the spherical membrane, Gluco, to provide calcium spherical bases, Xanthan gum to give density to the base without changing the taste and a variety of tools to reproduce this technique, which was implemented by elBulli team in 2003.

The kit of "Cuisine" includes Agar to produce hot and cold jellies; Kappa to cover allowing the flavours to persist thanks to its rapid gelation; Lecite, to create intense flavored airs, and xanthan gum, to bind and thicken sauces, emulsify, and much more.

In the case of Easy Kit "Pastisserie" textures included are Yopol, to add flavour to a yogurt without adding water; Azuleta to sweeten with the taste, aroma and color of the violet; Crumiel, to add honey flavour and crunchy texture; and Sparkys, which provides a crisp texture and taste slightly fruity.

Finally a kit dedicated to the world of "Cocktail", which includes Gluco Algin for the beverages to include spherificatrions, Xanthan gum, to generate a suspension effect in beverages and Sucro, to develop alcoholic's airs.

All kits include a complete recipe booklet with step-by-step images, ideas and practical applications, and also three tools to bring haute cuisine to everyone's kitchen. The price of these new Easy Kits, designed and created by the Adrià brothers, is 70.15 euros and they are available only through Guzmán Gastronomía ( and Solegraells (

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