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Here's the First Photo of Eat, Drink, Love on Bravo

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Here's the first photo of the upcoming Bravo reality series Eat, Drink, Love that tracks a bunch of ladies "connected to the restaurant and food industry in Los Angeles." There have been unconfirmed rumors of castmembers, but the photo is clear: from left to right, there's Kat Odell, the editor of Eater LA; Brenda Urban, formerly of the PR firm Wagstaff Worldwide; and Jessica Miller, Senior Director of Sales & Events at the LA restaurant group Cardiff Giant (The Hudson, The Churchill, Clover Juice). The Bravo Affluencer site describes the show this way:

In Los Angeles, VIP status, obsessed groupies and sold-out shows aren't just for rock stars anymore. This docu-drama series takes a look at the city's larger-than-life food scene in which a group of passionate ladies work hard to make some dough doing what they love the most: cooking, blogging and reinventing the dining experience... not to mention meeting and dating the hottest tastemakers. See who sizzles and who fizzles in the biting LA food scene.

It airs this Summer.

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