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Here's How Much the World's 50 Best Restaurants Cost

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Photo: Reuters

The graph above, compiled by Reuters, takes a look at the 2013 San Pellegrino's 50 Best Restaurant List as compared to the price of each restaurant's tasting menu (the prices for the restaurants with short, green bars were unavailable). And as it turns out, the highest priced restaurants aren't necessarily the highest ranked restaurants on the list. "What we're emphatically not seeing here is any kind of massive price spike among the top 0.01% of restaurants," writes Felix Salmon. Instead, this is "a group of expensive restaurants, charging expensive-restaurant prices, but whose position on this list is entirely unrelated to the amount that they charge." He also notes the world's high-end restaurants "positively democratic" in terms of pricing as compared to other fields like wine or real estate, and that often people pay more to travel to a restaurant than the meal itself actually costs. Noma for everybody.

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