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Behold the Deep-Fried Lasagna-Bun Meatball Burger

The Lasagna-Bun Burger
The Lasagna-Bun Burger
Photo: PYT / Facebook

The newest development in the evolution of the novelty sandwich brings us the Lasagna-Bun Burger. According to Eater Philly, this creation, courtesy of Philadelphia's PYT, features a "meatball-seasoned beef patty" between two slices of deep-fried ricotta and mozzarella lasagna. It might also be an Italian-influenced mutation of the KFC Double Down? Sadly, the sandwich appears to feature zero bacon, but PYT's Facebook notes that there will definitely be provolone and "house-made" marinara sauce. And a side of "Italian-Parm fries." PYT confirmed to Eater National that the burger costs $15 and will only be available until the end of the week, so put on those stretchy-waisted pants and get to business.

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1050 N Hancock St, Philadelphia, PA 19123