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The Dillionaire and Bad Bad Bag Boys Are Not Real Shows

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Very believable posters for fake shows started showing up in New York City subways this week to mock the current state of reality TV. (The tagline: "The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV.") There are five faux programs: Bad Bad Bag Boys (presumably about bag boys gone wild), The Dillionaire (about a pickle kingpin of sorts?), Knitting Wars, Bayou Eskimos, and Married to a Mime.

The campaign is part of local PBS affiliate THIRTEEN's initiative to draw Americans to invest in quality programming in honor of its 50th anniversary. Business Insider reports that New York ad agency CHI & Partners New York took on the project pro bono, but the work is definitely legit. To add authenticity to the equally faux (but admittedly intriguing) taglines that appear in each of the posters, fake promotional Twitter accounts were created for the lead characters; The Dillionaire has the handle @RonPickles. The campaign is set to run through the month of June.

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