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Nathan Myhrvold Releasing New Book, The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

Photo: Paula Forbes / Eater

The crazy kids over at Modernist Cuisine are up to their old tricks, announcing they'll release a third book in October: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine by Nathan Myhrvold. The book will contain 399 photos from their previous project, 145 of which will be "full-bleed across one or two full pages." And those pages will be huge, 60% larger than the original Modernist Cuisine at 26 inches by 16.3 inches. It will be printed on LumiSilk 200 gsm art paper, and while it won't contain any recipes, it will have back stories to how the photographs were achieved.

This is the third Modernist Cuisine book in as many years, and the first that's attributed to Myhrvold alone. Last year's Modernist Cuisine at Home was attributed to Myhrvold and Maxime Billet; Billet has since moved on to other projects. The original book was credited to Myhrvold, Billet, and Chris Young, who has since gone on to found the online culinary education site ChefSteps with original Modernist Cuisine photographer Ryan Matthew Smith.

Below, a video preview of the book, as well as some exclusive Eater photographs of the book's blad. The Photography of Modernist Cuisine comes out October 22 (pre-order).

Preview: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

Video: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

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