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As Amy's Baking Company Reopens, Owner Samy Bouzaglo Faces Deportation

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The story of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona keeps getting messier: Samy Bouzaglo, one half of the delusional married couple that owns the restaurant, is possibly facing deportation. According to The Republic, Bouzaglo is attending immigration hearings based on the fact that he did not disclose certain key facts to immigration authorities, like, oh, say, the fact that he's banned from France and Germany and has a history of drug and extortion charges. The deportation process has been going on for two years and has nothing to do with the couple's infamous appearance on Kitchen Nightmares.

The restaurant reopened yesterday to diners with reservations only, and they had security guards on hand to prevent media and other hecklers from entering. According to Radar, they opened with an entirely new staff, all of whom allegedly haven't seen the episode of Kitchen Nightmares. One diner told the Arizona Star, "The wait staff were all really nice. Samy was really nice. The food was good. We didn't have any problems."

An unconfirmed report on Reddit from someone who did not actually eat at the restaurant but watched from outside says, "At one point Samy was yelling at a girl and telling her to leave. He basically pushed and forced her out the door. You could tell she was somewhat shocked at that happening." So take that as you will. Another Redditor posted photos of a security detail guarding the restaurant.

Amy's not squeaky clean herself: in 2003, she pleaded guilty to "misuse of a Social Security number when she applied for a $15,000 bank loan." She even spent a year in prison in 2008.

Below, Bouzaglo gives local media the "international salute."

Video: Amy's Baking Company Co-Owner Faces Deportation

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