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Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer Got Hit By a Bus

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Photo: Jonathon Sawyer / Instagram

Today in badass chef news, Jonathon Sawyer of Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat in Cleveland was hit by a city bus and moseyed on into work anyway. Posting a photo to Instagram, Sawyer wrote, "Wow Just got hit by an #RTA bus in #CLe , not injured but shaken up. Drivers please check your side mirrors when turning right on a green light, share the road." Sawyer was biking to work when he was struck, and, as he later tweeted in response to a local headline, "I am not 'recovering', I am working."

After local media picked up on the story, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority totally blamed Sawyer for the accident. It was changed without correction in the WEWS story, but a cached version shows GCRTA originally told them "A spokeswoman for RTA said it appears the bus was turning and the bike ran into the back of the coach. Transit police are still at the scene investigating." Sawyer wasn't having it, and tweeted at GCRTA, "Please don't make false statements about me. There are multiple witnesses & recordings of your driving hitting me." The article now reads, "A spokeswoman for RTA said investigators are working to figure out what happened."

Sawyer posted an official statement to Facebook, which reads:

It's a known fact that bicycling economies have been popping up all over this country. Urban cycling has been proven beneficial to the community and economy of cities. I have been commuting to our restaurants in downtown Cleveland by bike for the last five years and last year my wife and I decided that our second car was no longer needed. We were paying high gas and insurance prices and thought that our money could be better spent better in the city where we chose to raise our family, Cleveland. Since then I have commuted on my bicycle to and from work daily. I realize that riding a bike can be dangerous, that is why I wear bright clothing and a helmet, have lights on my bike, and obey traffic laws fastidiously. Today an RTA bus driver who was not obeying traffic laws hit me. This issue is bigger than Jonathon Sawyer or the RTA, it has to do with bike and driver safety. It has to do with raising awareness of drivers, city and it's citizen. There is an amazing cycling community that has been flourishing here in Cleveland over the past ten years and they deserve to be safe. #sharetheroad

Glad to hear he's okay.

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