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Dallas Critic Wears a Pig Costume to Stay 'Anonymous'

D Magazine food editor and critic Nancy Nichols is confidently clinging to her "anonymity" — her photo is actually very findable — appearing on D Mag's own television show, D: The Broadcast dressed in a cartoon pig suit. (Or maybe it's a mouse?) In the segment below, she promotes the June cover story, which features a ranked list of Dallas' best 100 restaurants. The ludicrous nature of the getup doesn't seem to be lost on the host; as noted by D Mag blogger Carol Shih, who tells viewers, "Watch Lisa's face at 3:23. It. Cracks. Me. Up."

This isn't the first time anonymous critics have tried campy, polyester-suited ways to protect their identity. Atlanta critic Besha Rodell has appeared for interviews cloaked entirely in what looks like a black sheet (but actually is a "balaclava with the mouth stapled shut and a black cape"). Chicago Tribune food critic Phil Vettel also once appeared on The Today Show to give his professional opinion on Asian carp — all while wearing a Groucho Marx mask as a disguise. Check out the video, below.

Video: Nancy Nichols Shows Up in a Piggy Suit on D: The Broadcast

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