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A Paula Deen Museum Is in the Works

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[Photo: Paula Deen / Facebook, Telemax / Flickr]

Grease-slinging butter queen and self-proclaimed doughnut burger inventor Paula Deen might soon get a museum dedicated to her life and accomplishments in Albany, Georgia. Local businesswoman B.J. Fletcher has been working with Deen and her ex-husband Jimmy on the project for the past two years. Deen tells the Albany Herald that this is all very flattering: "I'm just trying to wrap my head around this incredible honor. I would want something like this to be a symbol of hope for people looking to make their lives better."

Aside from attracting Deen fans to the city, the museum will also serve to set the record straight regarding whether Savannah or Albany is actually her hometown: "While her adopted home of Savannah, executives of The Food Network, talk show hosts..., and all those foodies across the globe have staked their claim to Deen ... she remains an Albany girl, through and through. Some of her most ardent hometown supporters want to make sure the world makes that connection." It should also be an excellent place to store all that shell art.

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