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Parade Apologizes for Nazi Ship Image in Food Feature

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[Photo: Parade Magazine via USNI News]

Parade magazine is apologizing for a recent design layout that used the silhouette of a ship that strongly resembles World War II Bismarck-class Nazi battleship. The image was part of Sarah DiGregorio's feature "How Do You Feed an Army?" that spotlighted Senior Chief Culinary Specialist chef Derrick Davenport, winner of the March 38th Annual Military Culinary Arts Competition in Fort Lee, Virginia.

Parade's editorial director Maggie Murphy was apologetic, saying to USNI News, "I regret we didn't dig deeper into the exact descriptions of the graphics we used for our story on Derrick Davenport this past Sunday," explaining that the silhouettes used were pulled from a collection of "naval images that didn't distinguish between U.S. and foreign ships." Murray hopes that readers won't get stuck on the similarities of the two images and that chef Davenport's story will stay the main focus.

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