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Ramsay to Teach Bradley Cooper to Cook for Chef Film

Photos: Fox, Gordon Ramsay

Because movie stars aren't actually Michelin starred chefs, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is going to teach Bradley Cooper how to look like one for the upcoming film, Chef. (Which is not the same as Jon Favreau's Chef; don't worry, they're trying to sort that confusion out.) Sources tell the Sun that Ramsay has signed on to consult for the Cooper project: "Gordon's going to be giving Bradley a crash-course in cookery and teaching him some flash tricks like knife-work so Bradley looks like an experienced chef." Cooper's character in the film opens a London restaurant with Michelin aspirations; Ramsay certainly knows a thing or two about that.

Bradley does have some experience in this arena, having played "Jack Bourdain," the Anthony Bourdain-based character in the short-lived Fox series Kitchen Confidential (see photo). It is not uncommon for chefs to consult on food related movies and TV shows; most famously perhaps, Thomas Keller consulted with Pixar on Ratatouille.

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