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GoogaMooga 2013 Rained Out, Vendor Refunds Unclear

Photo: Instagram/Northern Spy Food Co.

The second annual Brooklyn food festival the Great GoogaMooga got rained out on Sunday, which would maybe not be that big of a deal except the event was supposed to happen "rain or shine." The event ended up being canceled because it was pouring; the New York City Parks Department and the Prospect Park Alliance — along with GoogaMooga organizers Superfly — decided it was "in the interest of safety and prevention of damage to the park grounds." The refund situation is a little hazy, especially when it comes to the vendors. And they are not happy about it.

From the beginning, festival organizers said that VIP tickets would be reimbursed. Later in the day, it was announced that unused drink tickets would be reimbursed as well. It's still unclear how/if vendors will see any money, though, and the festival has offered a response to everyone wondering about the issue on Twitter: "in the coming days, we are sitting down w. all our partners to find financial solutions. Thank you for your concerns."

Obviously the vendors aren't happy. Twitter has been full of angry chefs and restaurants Tweeting about their excess stock that would've been served at the festival. "[T]hanks for sayin it was a rain or shine event," tweeted the Brindle Room. "[I'm] minus 15k now." Andrew Carmellini tweeted, "Anyone want to pick up 3000 portions of ribs? Cheap!!!!" #googamooga." Restaurants like Luke's Lobster and Baked offered/are still offering deals on their GoogaMooga leftovers.

Refunds were offered last year as well, although instead of the event being rained out, the refunds were due to it being an "epic foodie clusterfuck" in the words of Eater NY. Between that money suck and this year's disaster, perhaps the Great GoogaMooga isn't so great after all? In the words of restaurant critic Ryan Sutton, "Maybe we should've learned that's something's not right with GoogaMooga after last year's failure. Maybe, just maybe, GoogaMooga, as well intentioned as it is, shouldn't come back next year? Maybe!" Maybe.

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