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Here's the Cover for Lucky Peach 7: The Travel Issue


Here now, the cover of the next issue of David Chang and McSweeney's cultishly-followed quarterly journal collaboration Lucky Peach, which is finally on its way to mailboxes and bookstores everywhere. The theme for this seventh issue will be Travel, and judging from the cover created by Christopher Boffoli/art directed by Walter Green, it will be miniaturized and involve cereal.

In this issue Lucky Peach promises, "SO MANY WORDS! Maybe our MOST WORDS EVER." These words will be provided by Philip Gourevitch, Anthony Bourdain, Andy Ricker, Harold McGee, Ricky Bayless, Jack Pendarvis, and more. Roy Choi and Christina Tosi hit Hawaii (the genesis of all those videos), Also: travel tips from the likes of Aziz Ansari, Jonathan Gold, and Mario Batali.

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