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Watch Chef Daniel Rose on Charlie Rose Talk Spring, Opening a Restaurant in France

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Here's a video of Chicago-born expat chef Daniel Rose talking to interviewer Charlie Rose on his eponymous PBS show about opening Spring in Paris, France. He starts off discussing how he got to Paris in the first place—he originally arrived to finish university, only deciding to attend cooking school as a way to stay in the city. "I stayed in France because there was this opportunity to be nourished by all these new things I was learning. Whether it was language, or culture."

The Roses discuss the beauty and "certain clarity" of a great dining experience, " opens up the rest of the evening for other things: for falling in love, for having a conversation, for enjoying a restaurant, and for feeling alive" and learning French from scratch: "When I landed in Paris [for the first time] I spoke no French, and every moment that I tried to speak was frought with intense anxiety."

On the the difficulties behind opening the first Spring:

In 2006, ... no one had opened up a tiny little restaurant ... with no service and sometimes no heat. In the winter it was impossible, people were freezing. I moved restaurants because one day someone said, 'I'd like a coffee.' And I was busy answering the telephone and cooking at the same time, and they realized that it just wasn't going to to possible for me to just stop what I'm doing to make a coffee. I said, what kind of a dumb restaurant is this, where a guy wants a coffee and he can't have one? It's not like he asked me to make a banana split; he just wanted a coffee, which is a normal part of a restaurant experience.

Video: Daniel Rose on Charlie Rose

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