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Kitchen Nightmares, Cookbook Preview, Top Chef NOLA

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In case you missed them, here are the top stories from the week in Eater:


Recapping the week in Eater: The biggest story this week was Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona that had an epic meltdown on Facebook following a terrible showing on Kitchen Nightmares. Even Guy Fieri chimed in. It led to asking the question (and answering): Is everything on Kitchen Nightmares totally fake? The restaurant got a new PR rep and plans to relaunch on Tuesday.

On the cookbook beat, don't miss the absolutely epic Summer 2013 cookbook and food book preview. There were also first looks at Wisconsin Supper Clubs by Ron Faiola, Daniel Patterson's upcoming Coi cookbook, and the upcoming Roberta's cookbook.

In food TV land, it was revealed that Top Chef received $375,000 to film its new season in New Orleans, $200,000 of which was from a BP oil recovery fund. Anthony Bourdain went on the offensive, and Treme creator/executive producer David Simon delivered a pretty epic takedown of Bravo VP Andy Cohen's "bullshit in three easy stomps." And then Bravo got on the defensive.

Also see the interviews with chef Suzanne Goin, chef Paul Kahan, and Anthony Bourdain and Daniel Vaughn. In addition, Eater presented four Young Guns semi-finalists: Brooks Reitz of The Ordinary in Charleston; Jason Wang of Xi'an Famous Foods in New York City; Ryan Pernice of Table & Main in Roswell, GA; and Mitch Lienhard of Grace in Chicago.

Here now, the top stories from the week in Eater:

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