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Chef Killed by Customers Who Didn't Like His Noodles

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Japanese chef to celebrities Miki Nozawa has died this week having allegedly been beaten to death outside a German nightclub by two customers who disliked and refused to pay for their fried noodles. According to Bild, the two men had complained about Nozawa's noodles and left his restaurant Nozawa on the German resort island Sylt without paying. When they ran into him later at the nightclub, Nozawa apparently demanded 10 euros from each of them in a fight that escalated until they were all thrown out of the club. At that point, per the report, the men beat the chef until he wound up in a hospital with internal injuries.

Flensburg state prosecutor Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt confirms to The Local that Nozawa died as a result of his injuries, and she said that the men had not yet been caught. The paper also notes that Nozawa was known for his Japanese-Italian fusion and had cooked for the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev, Denzel Washington and Phil Collins. Here's a local news report, which is in German, sorry:

Video: Autopsy of the dead in fight to get further insights on Sylt

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