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First Look: Wisconsin Supper Clubs by Ron Faiola

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Photo: Paula Forbes / Eater

What's a supper club? That's perhaps a harder question to answer than where is a supper club; the answer to that is the Upper Midwest, specifically Wisconsin and neighboring states. In his new book Wisconsin Supper Clubs: An Old-Fashioned Experience, writer/filmmaker Ron Faiola attempts to the former question. Based on his experiences filming a movie about the fish fry-serving, tavern-esque Midwestern restaurants, Foss traveled across Wisconsin and profiled 50 Supper Clubs for the book. Hallmarks include brandy Old Fashioneds, Friday night fish fry, prime rib, relish trays, lake views, taxidermy, glowing vintage beer lights, Packers paraphernalia, and more.

The book comes out none too soon: with restaurants like the Old Fashioned in Madison, Paul Bartolotta's Joey Gerard's in Milwaukee, and Michael White's upcoming Butterfly in New York City, the Supper Club is getting a modern makeover. Wisconsin Supper Clubs is out now from Agate Midway (buy on Amazon); look inside below.

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