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Chili's Fires Server Over Her Anti-Police Facebook Post

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An Oklahoma City woman has been fired from her job waiting tables at Chili's for an anti-police rant that she posted to her personal Facebook page. News 9 reports that Ashley Warden had posted a picture of some Oklahoma sheriff's deputies on Facebook, writing, "Stupid Cops better hope I'm not their server FDP." Which, you know, is not a thing law enforcement officials and their supporters take kindly to, especially as it apparently happened as they were honoring fallen officers during Law Enforcement Week.

And because nothing anyone posts on the internet is without its consequences, Chili's promptly fired Warden after learning about the post. In a statement to media, Chili's explains that its Social Media Guidelines ask employees "to always be respectful of our guests and to use proper judgment when discussing actions in the work place." Indeed, last year the chain fired a California server for threatening to spit in customers' food on her Facebook page. The statement also notes the chain's concern for the "privacy and safety" of customers as well as its pride in partnering with police departments across the U.S.

Warden's message can be interpreted in a few ways, but Sheriff John Whetsel tells News 9, "I was extremely disappointed that here are these dedicated public servants got called names and then get threatened by a lady that doesn't have a clue about who they are or what they do or the service they provide." Warden for her part has been keeping quiet, but local news has pieced together that this is the same woman who was ticketed last year when her 3-year-old son peed in their yard. Even though that officer got fired for issuing that ticket, the theory goes that this is where she got her antipathy for local law enforcement. Anyway, here's the local report:

Video: Oklahoma Waitress Fired Over Facebook Post

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