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Colbert Mocks the UN's Recommendation to Eat Insects

Last night on the Colbert Report, comedian Stephen Colbert addressed the UN's suggestion that insects are a possible solution to world hunger. As Colbert puts it, "The UN bullies want to make us eat a bug." (The Nordic Food Lab is already working on making them delicious.) Colbert's disgust with what the UN is calling "minilivestock" is palpable as he offers the following analysis: "Let me get this straight. According to the UN, all you New Yorkers with bed bugs are technically ranchers." Delightful. He is also incensed by UN hypocrisy, criticizing the delegates for dining at places like Cipriani where the "coque au vin is not made from cock-a-roaches found in a van." Go, watch:

Video: The Colbert Report | Bug Protein

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