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Top Chef Winner Hosea Rosenberg Now a Lottery Shill

Screengrab: Top Chef Pick 3

Here it is, folks: Chef Hosea Rosenberg is shilling for the Colorado Lottery. For those who can't remember who he is, Hosea won Top Chef season five (back when the show's season number was in single digits and its location selection was not mired in BP money scandals.) He is also known for shilling for Whole Foods and for having a head that resembles a thumb.

Even though it has a Top Chef logo, a spokesperson from the show told Eater that the lottery is "not a sanctioned event." NBCUniversal's lawyers have likely dispatched a cease and desist already. Anyway, the very lucky winner of the un-sanctioned lottery will get a private dinner for four prepared by Hosea. Sorry, the contest is only open to Coloradans.

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