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Philly's Le Bec Fin Will Close, Reopen as New Restaurant

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Photo: Eater Philly

Big news from Pennsylvania: Philadelphia institution Le Bec Fin is closing after 40 years of service, The Insider reports. After it closes in mid-June, former Gilt chef Justin Bogle will be opening a new restaurant in the Walnut St. space. It was speculated that Bogle was coming to Philadelphia from New York City to work at Le Bec Fin.

Eater Philly reports that Bogle was brought on to the as-yet unnamed restaurant project after restaurateur Chris Scarduzio joined. Scarduzio was brought on by the owners of Le Bec Fin after chef shuffles and management changes, and will be the director of operations at the new restaurant. Bogle agreed to join after Scarduzio and the owners decided to retire Le Bec Fin as such.

Bogle told The Insider that his cuisine will be "cutting edge. But we're not going to label it as molecular gastronomy ... We're going to be super seasonal - almost micro-seasonal about what we serve." The interior of Le Bec Fin will be gutted and renovated, and the exterior will also be overhauled.

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Le Bec Fin

1523 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

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