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Behold the Latest in Robot Mixologists, the Makr Shakr

Here's the Makr Shakr, a new robot bartender that's shaking up cocktails at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. According to the BBC, the Makr Shakr "consists of three robotic arms which mimic the actions of a bartender from shaking a martini to slicing a lemon." It's linked to an app which allows drinkers to create their own cocktails, although since it was created with assistance from Bacardi and Coca-Cola, you get one guess as to what this robot's favorite cocktail probably is.

This would all be very impressive if robot bartenders weren't pretty much the most common type of service industry robot. An army of noodle making robots, though? Now that's impressive. Check out a video of the Makr Shakr in action, below.

Video: Makr Shakr

· Robot Bartender Serves Up Crowd-Sourced Cocktails [BBC via Eater Boston]