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Watch René Redzepi Talk Kierkegaard and Creativity

Here's a 43-minute video of Noma chef René Redzepi talking about the philosophies of Søren Kierkegaard and it's pretty fascinating. LIVE from the NYPL host Paul Holdengräber spoke with René Redzepi earlier this May at Copenhagen's Royal Library as part of a celebration of Kierkegaard's work. Exploring the concept of love and pleasure, Redzepi discusses his quest for silence, capturing a moment in time through food, and why Kierkegaard's cautiousness is "irritat[ing]." He also discusses his creative process: "Creativity occurs when you are able to take your past, whether from reading, conversations, interacting with other people, and bring that into the present by using your intuition." Also, Redzepi reveals that the best ramps in Copenhagen grow near Kierkegaard's grave. Spooky. Go, watch:

Video: René Redzepi and Paul Holdengräber on Kierkegaard in The Black Diamond - The Royal Library

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