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Waffle Tacos: Taco Bell Is Testing a Taco-Waffle Hybrid

Photo: rustinmangum / Instagram

Ever since Taco Bell discovered they could sell a million Doritos Locos Tacos every day, they've acquired a taste for novelty tacos. Case in point: According to Brand Eating apparently the Mexican-ish fast food chainis testingWaffle Tacos. You know, tacos but with a waffle instead of a tortilla. They're for breakfast, obviously.

After spying the Waffle Taco (the waffclo?) on Instagram, FoodBeast proved they were real at a Taco Bell in Orange County, California, and a rep for Taco Bell confirmed to Eater that "waffle taco is testing." It turns out these freaks of nature are stuffed with sausage and eggs and come with a side of syrup. Would you like fire sauce with that?

Recently, after a bit of a drought, America has seen a novelty food renaissance unlike anything since the days of KFC's Double Down. The Waffle Taco certainly has similarities to the Doughnut Burger at Dunkin' Donuts and the Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich at Carl's Jr. Is it the dawn of the Novelty Breakfast? Only time will tell.

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