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Mother's Day Guides Across the Eater Universe

Rouge et Blanc, New York City.
Rouge et Blanc, New York City.
Photo: cheeryvisage / Eater National Flickr Pool

Mother's Day is on Sunday, and that means one thing in the restaurant world: brunch. If plan on subjecting your mom (or someone else's) to the spectacle of Mother's Day brunch (or lunch, or dinner), the Eater city sites have done their best to round up the options for you. And if you still can't get reservations? Well, flowers are nice, too.

· Austin: Here's Where To Treat Mom On Mother's Day
· Chicago: Where to Schmooze Your Mom on Mother's Day
· Dallas: Where to Score a Last-Minute Table for Mother's Day
· Denver: Seventeen Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day
· Hamptons: Treat Your Mom by Taking Her to a Local Eatery
· Las Vegas: A Handy Guide to Mother's Day in Las Vegas
· Los Angeles: A Mother's Day Guide: Where to Shop, Where to Eat
· Miami: Where to Wine and Dine Mom on Mother's Day
· New Orleans: Your Last Minute Guide to Mother's Day Reservations
· San Francisco: Where to Shop and Eat on Mother's Day
· Washington, DC: For the Desperate: Last Minute Mother's Day Options

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