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Watch Jim Meehan's Google Talk on Cocktail Books

New York City bartender extraordinaire Jim Meehan recently gave a Google Talk about the evolution of bartending and his own journey toward writing his acclaimed PDT Cocktail Book. That journey, he says, started with the question, "Why write a cocktail book unless you're going to add something new?" And so — after wisely providing his audience with mezcal drinks — Meehan launches into a slideshow history of bar books. While showing slides of the first celebrity bar books from 1910 or the encyclopedia-style books that came later, Meehan explains things like while "the cocktail really pretty much goes into the toilet by the 1950s," the 1970s were actually the "absolute darkest point of the cocktail."

As for his own book, Meehan explains that he wanted to bring back the 1930s-style bar book with illustrations rather than photos, and with recipes that told a story. He also issues a challenge to his audience of Google employees, saying, "The future of cocktail books, I think, is going to depend heavily on the technology you guys are working on." Here's the video:

Video: Jim Meehan, "The PDT Cocktail Book" | Talks At Google

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