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Ikea's Moose Lasagna Pulled Due to Surprise Pork Meat

Photos: dahlstroms / Flickr, askeholst / Flickr

Furniture/meatball emporium Ikea has pulled 17,600 moose lasangas from stores in Europe after they were discovered to also contain surprise pork. According to the BBC, the contamination was discovered by Belgian authorities, and the meat supplier told local Swedish press that the contamination "was due to its facilities not being cleaned properly between the handling of different animals and that it was taking steps to improve its practices." Gross. One batch of lasagna tested contained 1.4% pork.

Ikea recently pulled both meatballs and sausages from stores due to possible horse meat contamination. After meatballs were returned to shelves, Ikea Foods Chief Executive Edward Mohr declared the company's intent to "have a traceability standard in place, tracing meat from farm to fork." From farm to contaminated meat processing plants to frozen moose lasagna to fork?

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